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Members of the Non-commercial Partnership “National Payment System” are against creation of the Russian analogue to the SWIFT system on the basis of the new legal entity that would be fully possessed by the Bank of Russia, said press service of the Non-commercial Partnership referring to the poll results in which 30 companies and banks participated.

Threats to block Russian banks from the system of interbank transfers SWIFT have been circulating for weeks. Last week European Parliament proposed EU countries to consider exclusion of Russia from the system. In late August Alexey Moiseev, Deputy Finance Minister, said that government agencies had drafted a bill regarding creation of the Russian analogue to the SWIFT system.

“Many members believe that uniform infrastructure must be set up on the basis of a new legal entity fully possessed by the Bank of Russia, and it must also provide all types of payments to legal entities and individuals. Once the system is up and running membership in the National Payment System must become mandatory for all financial institutions (although they will still be able to use other payment systems)”, - reads the message.

Respondents are offering to carry out test if the uniform infrastructure can be integrated with existing systems, i.e. payment system of the Bank of Russia, SWIFT, National System of Payment Cards, etc.

The message sets forth that some banks and companies offered their own technological elaborations for the new system. For example, Sberbank offered to use competence of the OJSC “UEC” (Universal Electronic Card – editor’s note) in matters of information security and standardization, while CJSC “CyberPlat” offered its CyberFT platform.

Respondents think the system development should bring into play Russian facilities and software.

Source: RIA News