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CyberFT is a software solution implementing a secure information highway transmitting all types of generally accepted messages of intradepartmental, financial, business electronic document flow in compliance with Russian (Directive No. 186/258 issued by the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications and the Federal Guard Service of the Russian Federation dated September 22, 2015) and international standards (ISO 20015 and ISO 20022), which applies methods of cryptographic protection from unauthorized access to the transmitted data and e-signature.

Domestic and international communication networks should be protected, or else the state sovereignty and functioning may suffer and may depend on hostile actions of other countries, business structures or specific persons.

It wasn’t until mass-media exploded with news about the mass surveillance that it started to occur to the community that there is danger – exchange of data containing confidential information is carried out via hubs and servers that are exposed to the influence from intelligence and state structures.

Application of the CyberFT platform is an effective way of implementing secure and legally valid interaction among public authorities and ministries both between one another and with business, non-governmental and other organizations.

Basic perks of CyberFT for authorities are as follows:

  1. Both online and offline message delivery – equivalent of the closed legally valid e-mail with delivery status information.
  2. Data transfer is in full compliance with federal and local regulatory enactments with the use of certified cryptographic information protection facilities.
  3. An opportunity to partake in the international information exchange.
  4. Building of the secure and reliable systems of electronic interaction and document flow under control of the authority or ministry in question.
  5. Application of the latest standards, regulatory enactments and ability to build your own formats of messaging, data exchange and processing.

CyberFT platform will allow you to bring together a limitless number of CyberFT members in one network. CyberFT is set up at the site of the exchange organizer (Provider) and is independent from CyberPlat. CyberFT provider can service all his structures in the regions of his presence, as well as counterparties, and also operate within particular organizations or groups of organizations that are under control of the particular authority.

All interaction is protected and goes through open internet channels and/or dedicated channels of the public authority in question using its current protection facilities. Being the main network transport mechanism, CyberPlat applies HTTPS in its solutions. All transmitted messages are e-signed and flow around the network in crypto-containers.

CyberFT uses removable cryptographic information protection facilities such as OpenSSL and GOST algorithms (based on CryptoPro, Signal-COM and others). Multiple cryptographic information protection facilities can run simultaneously within one network of segments, including segments for international information exchange. Besides, CyberPlat will readily include any other cryptographic protection mechanisms in the shortest time space possible.

Thanks to the fact that, unlike many other systems operating globally, all CyberFT software was developed by Russian experts (meaning license and patent independence), and all servers of the CyberFT Platform will be located at the network organizer’s site, a probability of the possible data breach is miniscule.