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Via CyberFT companies can interact not only with banks, but also with each other, thus organizing an electronic document flow of legally valid documents. For instance, having established trustful relationship, both participants can exchange contracts, invoices and other business-related information electronically.

With banks’ support CyberFT can also build e-invoicing and Direct Debit systems, in which case service receivers will be automatically charged by the service provider by virtue of the previously approved acceptance.

In spite of the multitude of electronic document flow systems presented in the market, CyberFT allows its users to encompass all corporate clients and all banks not only in Russia, but also abroad. That said, CyberFT terminal can be integrated with a company’s local electronic document flow system.

Why is intercorporate electronic document flow relevant?

  • Number of business transactions is estimated at 15 bln per year.
  • Russia’s correspondence market is estimated at 38 bln rubles per year, of which 20 bln rubles per year account for the enterprise expenses.
  • Correspondence processing costs the enterprise three times as much as the postal expenses, thus totaling in 60 bln rubles per year.
  • Processing of a simple letter consisting of 3-5 A4 sheets given the postal tariff of 25 rubles makes up 80 rubles, whereas in case of the express delivery this number grows ten-fold up to 1500 rubles or more.
  • On optimizing its printing costs alone a company (TOP 500) can save up to $400 000 per year.

Switch to the intercorporate electronic document flow sure helps to cut costs related to the preparation of the printed documents and transportation of the correspondence, and also to boost your business performance.

On the base of CyberFT you can set up a full-fledged flow of legally valid documents among various participants of the market and public authorities.