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Bank or any other financial institution can become a CyberFT Participant by connecting to one of the providers. To do that the bank should install a special CyberFT Terminal for network interaction, as well as additional software called Message Router that allows its users to automatically determine which channel to use for sending the outbox messages: CyberFT or SWIFT.

Information exchanged between the bank and its partners is only accessible to the sender and receiver. That said, the provider has access only to the type of message sent, sender and receiver names and signature certificates, but not to the other transaction details.

By joining CyberFT as a member you will have access to an ever-growing base of counterparties, will be able to have a secure message exchange in SWIFT, ISO 20022, 1C and other standards, cooperate with banks via a single entry point and organize a legally valid e-document flow with your partners.

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