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CyberFT operates using public internet, which means our customers are free to choose any network provider and not get attached to a particular telecom operator. All interaction is internet-based and secure with application of our own know-how in financial message processing. CyberPlat uses HTPPS (TLS tunnel) as its main network transport mechanism. All transmitted messages are e-signed. Such a mechanism allows our Customers and Providers to set up the connection via any proxy server and to join CyberFT Platform without the hassle of tweaking network hardware.

Counterparty doesn’t need any additional network devices and, more often than not, counterparty won’t have to change its network security policy, either. That means network administration team load will be minimal. Lack of need for additional coordination and engineering ensures quick connection and makes CyberFT available to absolutely everyone.

  • All transmitted messages are encrypted and e-signed
  • CyberFT supports encrypted information protection facilities, including OpenSSL, CryptoPro, Signal-COM, Agava, etc.
  • Data is transmitted using HTTPS (TLS tunnel)
  • Transmitted data is inaccessible to the network provider, unless the latter is a party in the message exchange
  • CyberFT supports VPN and dedicated channels

Similar mechanisms are used in CyberPlat. Throughout its 21-year-long history over 12,000,000,000 (twelve billion) messages were transmitted without a single case of a data breach. As you join CyberFT you can also use dedicated channels. For instance, such channels may be used for considerable amounts of money sent from one major company to another. In that regard our company would advise you to stick to the following recommendations:

  • There is no need for a dedicated channel if your daily payments volume is under $1 million.
  • You may want to use a dedicated channel if your daily payments volume is in range from $1 million to $20 million.
  • We advise using dedicated channel when your daily payments volume exceeds $20 million or when you time-sensitive transactions (FX, fund market transactions, etc.). In that case internet will be reserved as a backup channel.

CyberFT makes use of removable (add-on) cryptographic information protection facilities, such as OpenSSL and GOST algorithms (based on CryptoPro, Signal-COM, etc.).

At request of partners and customers CyberPlat will readily include support of any cryptographic protection mechanisms on short notice.