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On Wednesday a group of US senators sent a letter to the US Department of the Treasury calling for assistance in exclusion of Russian banks sanctioned by the West from SWIFT.

The following senators-republicans signed that letter: Mark Kirk, John McCain, Marco Rubio, Pat Roberts, Dan Coats. Kelly Ayotte, Jeff Seasons, David Vitter and John Thune. The politicians called on the Administration of the US President Barack Obama to influence the European partners regarding disconnection of sanctioned Russian banks from the settlement system. In their opinion even such restrictive measures “will serve as an efficient means for US and EU joint countermeasures against Russian occupation and destabilization of Ukraine and prevention of future threats for European stability.”

“Even a partial disconnection from SWIFT may have dramatic consequences for Russia’s economy, the same happened in Iran in 2012, when under international pressure SWIFT suspended Iranian banks” – outlined Senator Kirk. “The US and EU alike must use all non-military means to make Russia pay a high price for its illegal actions”, - he believes.

Source: Russian News Agency "TASS"