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CyberFT software

In order to connect to one of the network providers, a CyberFT member has to install CyberFT software.

Up-to-date release of CyberFT terminal software v3.3. in Russian (9.1 MB)

Up-to-date Admin Guide v3.3. (1.9 MB)

Up-to-date User Guide v3.3. in Russian (1.6 MB)

Check your MD5 distributive file snapshot when receiving the software from other sources.

Full list of our software is available at the CyberFT file storage at with the catalogue structure as follows:

  • CyberFT {version no.} – A folder with a distributive up-to-date version file with supportive documents;
  • Documentation/ - Documentation on test run;
  • Testcert/ - A set of certificates for the test run;
  • Utilities/ - A set of utilities required for the CyberFT terminal;
  • Client CyberFT {version no.}/ - Light client of the CyberFT terminal;
  • CyberFT Demo 1C/ - A set of utilities for systems based on 1C: Enterprise, used in CyberFT network;
  • Archive/ - An archive of outdated CyberFT terminal software.

If you have any question related to joining CyberFT, please contact our sales department:

Phone:  +7 499 681-1144