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Cyberplat team has released another Terminal CyberFT software update 3.3.5 containing several significant features.

CyberFT network participants can now tweak business processes for signing documents for a separate account of each specific organization. Another new important control option is a capability to track senders, recipients and document types in the error log.

When expanding functionality of the Banking module, software developers added an option for sending payment orders to buy/sell USD and EUR.

In Terminal CyberFT 3.3.5 administrator of the CyberFT system participant can save IP addresses used by customers and track their further actions in the CyberFT network. At request of the users software developers added a local administrator status and limited their access to the terminal settings of this specific legal entity.

Cyberplat experts gave the participants of the CyberFT system the opportunity to control duplicated SWIFT messages and they also banned authorization of self-made messages of that format. The update also includes ACK/NAK document status support for SWIFT messages.

The new version has an option for converting documents from 1C to ISO 20022 and converting ISO 20022 to IBank, which substantially simplifies integration with these systems.

Cyberplat experts continued working on increasing security of the data exchange by auditing Web Application Potentially Vulnerable to Clickjacking and Web Application Cookies Not Marked Secure to identify potential vulnerabilities. For more convenience software developers implemented import of CryptoPro keys through the web interface of Terminal CyberFT.