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This year’s first released update Terminal CyberFT 3.3.0 is notable for a host of new features implemented in nearly every software module.

Cyberplat experts have brought out critical event notifications to the tray, and have also enabled users to simultaneously control several terminals from one interface. In payment documents CyberFT system participants can now track time of documents signature with private keys and upload documents PaymentRegister/PaymentOrder in the structured CyberXML format.

The developers have suggested a new form for creating a payment order that has just 4 fields, after filling out which the document is all ready to be sent. Among new features now available to the users in this software module is displaying of the account currency when filling out a payment order.

Terminal CyberFT 3.3.0 has a substantially expanded set of features for handling ISO 20022 documents of the Bank of Russia. For ISO 20022 messages there is now a purpose-oriented separation into Log of payment documents, Log of free-format documents, and Log of “Statement”. The latter now has message filtering by user-set criteria, whereas Log of payment documents, in its turn, now has an option for changing order of priority and number of the fields, as well as a feature for removing documents from the log.

The developers have continued to integrate with other solutions popular among the users by implementing for the CyberFT participants export of SWIFT FileACT documents.