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Cyberplat has released another version of the software Terminal CyberFT 3.2.8.

In the new version developers have substantially increased speed of the message exchange by cutting time required for delivery, deciphering and exchange in current document statuses. Along with that search of the document statuses in the logs has been sorted, Russian named files recognition issue has been fixed, and document dates when exported to 1C have been unified to a single format:

Cyberplat experts have added to the Banking Services module functionality an option for creating a default primary controller key, and have also expanded the list of details.

Members of the CyberFT system have been enabled to upload payment orders using the terminal interface and to create more flexible settings for managing CryptoPro certificates.

The new software version features a log with the list of all terminals that shows their current status (active/not active, launched/stopped), information regarding keys of the members and functionality for managing message exchange.

The product developers have fixed the misrendering of Cyrillic fonts in ISO documents when viewed using the Wizard technology, and have also added a document export format in the SwiftFIN standard.