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Cyberplat experts have once again released a new version of the Terminal CyberFT software.

The new version 3.2.7 features substantially expanded software functionality associated with information archiving; it also features an option for archiving contents of transmitted files, as well as archiving of files to the terminal’s data warehouse.

In Terminal CyberFT 3.2.7 the developers have enabled administrators to lock/unlock certificates and have added a feature that notifies about the expiration of all downloaded certificates.

Cyberplat experts have implemented an option for creating controller keys without need to interrupt information exchange and have added a Banking module feature allowing its users to create and edit bank order templates.

CyberFT system participants are now allowed to track processing status in the recipient’s system and see rejection reasons in a document format, if any.

Software developers have expanded the CryptoPro keys management module, having granted access to its settings directly via the terminal interface.

Apart from the named tweaks, regulatory work was carried out for increasing operation stability and stepping up efficiency of the software product.