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Cyberplat experts have presented Terminal CyberFT 3.2.6 that consolidates results of the global product refactoring, performed for optimizing document processing and signing procedures.

CyberFT network participants can now track status of ISO documents that were received from without, and save source name of the file when exporting ISO 20022 documents. Apart from that users can indicate in their ISO document log names of the attached files.

The new version has an optimized procedure for processing large files containing substantial amount of tags within payment orders; audit events log was also expanded with event logging added to the CryptoPro module.

The developers have expanded user functionality of the software in the multi-terminal mode and have implemented access regulating of one user to multiple terminals at once, and have also made available an option for choosing document sender and recipient by the name of a participant and not by the terminal ID, as used to be the case.

Our experts have continued to work on increasing security of the CyberFT information exchange and have integrated an application called CyberFT-Crypt necessary for creating an electronic signature.