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Cyberplat experts have released a new redesigned version of the Terminal CyberFT 3.2.1 software.

The product developers further optimized CyberFT platform in line with the transition to the modular architecture, and expanded functionality of the software modules.

“Banking” module now has an expanded statement for card accounts with added type of account, reserved funds, and number of the consolidated card account.

Developers have added a field “Company name” in the installation settings of the terminal and introduced a feature allowing you to specify company code in the recipient system in the participant code catalogue.

Cyberplat experts have also expanded safe work options in the multiple-user mode by enabling users to bind their CryptoPro key to multiple terminals.

Aside from the named improvements, Cyberplat experts bumped up performance of the software and increased consistency of its operation by eliminating errors discovered in older versions.