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Cyberplat experts have released a new software version of Terminal CyberFT 3.2.3.

In the new version developers have extended functionality of one of the most popular options among the system members related to the privilege separation.

Companies and organizations with an extensive corporate network can now divide access among their subsidiaries, branches and other structural subdivisions when it comes to work with electronic documents. By launching just one instance of the software, CyberFT members get to separate access for several corporate users when it comes to work with logs and documents, and to set apart bank accounts and counterparties.

Cyberplat experts have continued their work geared towards increasing data exchange security in CyberFT system by fine-tuning SFTP file export for protection against unfinished file copying and by introducing rules for verifying INN and KPP of individuals and legal entities. CryptoPRO key logs now provide access to information regarding key expiration, key owners who have rights to use such keys, and list of terminals signed by such keys.

The developers have added in the new software version visual forms for the following SWIFT message categories: MT102STP, MT103STP, MT103REMIT, MT202COV, MT205COV.

Apart from the named tweaks, Cyberplat experts have improved consistency of the software operation by eliminating errors detected in the previous versions, and also they have improved its performance.