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High-Tech Solutions for Banks forum that will take place in Kazan is where Cyberplat is going to talk about new features of the CyberFT platform designed for organizing electronic document flow.

Among most important subjects offered for discussion this year, along with information security and bank technologies, are cutting costs and increasing effectiveness of the financial business. A separate forum section will be dedicated to these matters and that’s where Kirill Solkan, Cyberplat Sales Director, is going to read his report “CyberFT – increasing business effectiveness”.

Cyberplat offers its CyberFT platform, a ready-to-go solution that is in high demand in today’s drastic economic situation, as a way to organize interbank electronic communication. A huge functionality potential of the software and hardware solution and its technological flexibility facilitate meeting requests of the community to the utmost and easy integration of IT infrastructure of any bank.

Despite an extremely busy program of the forum where IT experts, bankers and other independent experts are going to share their hands-on experience and discuss banking automation trends and modern solutions to financial management, CyberFT presentation is still eye-catching due to its timeliness.

The forum will take place in a high-tech park ‘IT Park’ at 52 Peterburgskaya St., Kazan on April 7, 2016 beginning at 10 a.m.