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CyberFT – universal system for exchange of legally valid electronic documents – piqued interest of participants and guests of the 2nd international forum Banking Automation 2015.

The event was organized by the Association of Russian Banks and iFin Media, with CyberPlat – developer of the CyberFT system – sponsoring the forum.

Anticipating heightened attention towards CyberFT, during the forum CyberPlat delivered two speeches highlighting potential of their product. Both speeches – “New Technologies on the Interbank Market” and “Decreasing Costs, Increasing Opportunities. CyberFT – Universal Platform for Electronic Document Exchange” – helped to get the visitors familiarized with CyberFT as a new take on financial messaging.

In experts’ opinion most of the companies attending the forum couldn’t offer banks and financial institutions any brand new services or products. However, the forum participants took notice of how different CyberFT is with its up-to-date novelty, solution flexibility and variety, convenient application, universality, low set-up time, and attractive pricing.

CyberPlat booth was far from idle and became a focal point for visitors and participants of the forum. Throughout two days of the forum there were over fifty talks and CyberFT demonstrations for representatives of banks and major companies.

Finance experts’ interest lay mostly in how banks and customers representing public and commercial sectors could benefit from using CyberFT, as well as capabilities of CyberFT on the global banking market.

IT experts, on the other hand, were addressing topics of easy integration of CyberFT with the most popular ABS systems, accounting software and internal corporate systems of electronic document flow, its perks when compared to the systems currently used on the market, as well as its scaling capabilities and readiness towards creating new user services.

Having thoroughly studied feedback information received at the forum, CyberPlat experts will continue their work on expanding CyberFT functionality to meet needs of the market players.