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On the annual forum Finance 2.0 that took place in Ekaterinburg, CyberPlat has presented CyberFT - universal system for exchange of data and legally valid electronic documents.

Presentation of the innovative product touched upon key agendas of the event: management of financial projects, automation of managerial and financial accounting, introduction of the electronic document flow systems, as well as cloud services.

CyberFT is a new solution from CyberPlat that enables its users to make a real-time exchange of financial messages and legally valid electronic documents in compliance with the highest security standards. CyberFT works with every necessary type of ISO 15022 (SWIFT Fin) messages, and also supports message formats within the scope of ISO 20022 and a range of other formats for free-format exchange of electronic documents by CyberFT users (e.g. scans of agreements and invoices between legal entities).

CyberFT can be integrated in any automated banking system, as well as in accounting system used on the end of a corporate client, including 1C accounting system. CyberFT can be easily and swiftly launched on the end of the customer, and CyberPlat employees will provide a comprehensive support in terms of the system installation and connection of new customers.

Having become traditional and uniting both financial and IT managers, the event gathered over 80 participants and was held in a new format with dual information flow. The first flow demonstrated modern technologies and tools oriented towards financial directors, whereas the second one was dedicated to the building of the cloud IT-infrastructure and provision of the business security in the clouds.

The professional community that gathered on the forum showed interest to the CyberPlat’s product and by the end of the forum a range of Ural companies made preliminary arrangements concerning usage of CyberFT.