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CyberFT platform has been certificated for compatibility on the level message exchange of the generally accepted types of financial and commercial electronic document flow with the system Diasoft FA# (Diasoft Financial Architecture).

The certificate has been issued by Diasoft, the product developer.

The new certificate, obtained from one of the major suppliers of banking software, confirms the technological resilience of integration solutions of CyberFT, as well as the growing demand of the market for secure, reliable, multifunctional, and economically beneficial comprehensive solutions.

Not only banks, but also corporate clients, stock exchanges, brokers, public authorities and other organizations can become providers and members of CyberFT.

Due to the universal electronic banking system, CyberFT members who work with multiple banks can interact with them directly using their accounting systems, and also employ uniform technologies while exchanging the data. CyberFT also enables its members to remotely manage their accounts in their settlement banks directly from 1C, and also implement legally-valid electronic document flow.

Flexibility of CyberFT and its focus on needs of the customers allows CyberFT to shape its functions depending on the requests of the companies from various business segments.

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