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Cyberplat has released another update for the CyberFT 3.2.4 Terminal software. It has been an all-new approach that engaged CyberFT participants. Cyberplat experts conducted a survey among the product users, results of which showed services with a higher priority, that were subsequently successfully implemented in the CyberFT 3.2.4 Terminal.

The new update sees expanded functionality of interaction with SWIFT, including transliteration in accordance with SWIFT RUR, options for editing and deleting MT documents in SWIFTFIN, and options for working with the SWIFTFIN templates.

For better convenience, in terms of information exchange and control over actions of users when working in the multi-terminal mode, CyberFT network participants can now selectively activate access from different addresses and re-export documents automatically.

ISO log has also undergone some changes; CyberFT network participants can now put out on the screen type, subject and description of an ISO document, as well as carry out a duplicate check of the ISO document during import. 

Cyberplat continued its efforts towards increasing security of information exchange by adding CryptoPro keys to the procedure of logging in the CyberFT system and by introducing mandatory requirements for a strong password.

CyberFT 3.2.4 Terminal keeps supporting the 1C software – one of the most desired wishes of the users – and the new software version enables the CyberFT network participants to import register of payments in the 1C format.