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CyberFT, a universal system for electronic protected interchange of financial and legally-valid documents, has been included in the Uniform Register of Russian Programs for Computers and Databases maintained by the Russian Ministry of Communications. The product developed by experts of the Russian company CyberPlat was categorized as “Server software and connectivity software. Systems for managing organizational processes. Information systems for solving industry-specific tasks.”

CyberFT is a multifunctional software product designed for secure transfer of financial and corporate data between various user categories. The system allows you to exchange structured and non-structured agreements, statements, invoices, and other types of documents as part of the transparent electronic document exchange, and to finalize deals electronically.

CyberFT platform is designed to increase stability of the Russian market of interbank settlements and to strengthen independence of the Russian financial system amid sanctions from EU and the US. The system can be used by legal entities and individuals, lending and financial organizations, government bodies who have the required software. CyberFT currently has over 150 members including leading banks of Russia and CIS, as well as major holdings.

The system enables you to set up interbank cash pooling that is missing the biggest drawback – binding accounts to the specific bank. The settlement center role, normally played by the automated banking system within one bank, is played by the CyberFT processing. Corporate customers may also use CyberFT as a universal Host-to-Host channel for interaction with various banks via the uniform online banking.

Another substantial advantage of CyberFT is its architecture that allows users to promptly add new message categories using the format creator.

“Despite all the hardships of replacing imported goods, banks and major holdings have been gradually switching to Russian solutions replacing the foreign ones, which, given the complexity of international relations, makes every bit of sense in the long term. CyberFT platform is in full conformity with the requirements for national security and ensures the maximum integrity of the commercial information. Practical interest towards the system has been on the rise and more and more leaders of the financial market have been joining the system. Having the system included in the Russian software register is going to be another good reason to join CyberFT,” notes Andrey Gribov, CEO of CyberPlat.