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CyberFT platform received a certificate that validates its compatibility with the “21 VEK BANK” Centralized Automated Banking System (CABS) on the level of exchange of messages of generally accepted types of financial and commercial electronic document flow. The certificate was issued by Inversion, the developer of the product.

CyberFT system, developed by CyberPlat, can be integrated into any automated banking system, as well as accounting system on the end of the corporate clients, including 1C.

CyberFT supports messages of ISO 15022 standard (SWIFT Fin), as well as message formats of ISO 20022 standard, and a number of additional formats designed for a free-format exchange of electronic documents (e.g. scanned contracts and invoices exchanged between legal entities).

“21 VEK BANK” CABS is used in over 170 Russian banks and subsidiaries of foreign banks. Apart from banks, members of the CyberFT universal system also include production and financial companies, and the technological integration certificate received from one of the major providers of IT-solutions for the financial market is going to facilitate the attraction of new members from various segments of business to CyberFT.

150707 Certificate Invertion.jpg