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CyberPlat is going to present CyberFT, universal system for data exchange and electronic document flow, at the II International Forum ‘Banking Automation 2015’ held by the Association of Russian Banks (ARB) and iFin Media. It’s the second time that CyberPlat acts as a sponsor of a forum under the aegis of ARB.

The forum is going to take place in Central Exhibition Complex Expocentre, Moscow (Pavilion #3) on October 14-15, 2015 and is going to amass all cutting-edge products and infrastructure solutions necessary for banks to have an efficient control over their businesses and required to provide quality service to their customers.

CyberFT platform is piquing great interest of financial and IT experts, which is why it is going to be thoroughly presented during both days of the forum.

At 1.30pm on October 14 Kirill Solkan, Head of Project Development in CyberPlat, is going to present CyberFT platform in his paper ‘New technologies on the interbank market’ as an innovative and comprehensive solution that meets needs of the interbank market for a secure online exchange of financial and non-financial documents.

At 12.15pm of the following day, on October 15, Maksim Protsko, Deputy General Director of CyberPlat, in his speech ‘Decreasing costs, increasing opportunities. CyberFT – universal platform for electronic document exchange’ is going to provide a detailed explanation of the platform’s capabilities as a convenient and absolutely secure solution, which guarantees information security, enables you to set up your electronic document flow of legally vital documents among banks, companies and state authorities, and shrinks the costs of payment processing.

During the forum CyberPlat experts are going to provide a detailed explanation of advantages and capabilities of CyberFT at the company’s booth D2-1, and they will also run a demo of the product.