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Cyberplat experts have rolled out new CyberFT Terminal software that is supported by the Tavolga Terminal workstations based on the Russian Baikal-T1 processor series and has extended information security features.

CyberFT Terminal software version for Baikal-T1 is designed for organizations and companies with increased requirements to the information security and who need maximal IT infrastructure independence from external factors. First off, that solution is crucial for federal and regional authorities, government agencies and establishments as well as government-owned companies and representatives of the corporate sector willing to use Russian solutions for secure information exchange.

The new software version accumulated the best tech solutions used in the Russian CyberFT software and in the Russian Tavolga Terminal hardware. Not only does this new product ensures the CyberFT network participants have the highest IT infrastructure security but it also substantially decreases expenses on the software licensing and administration.