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List of credit organizations participating in CyberFT


Presently 124 banks of Russia, Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan participate in CyberFT network and exchange financial data and legally valid electronic documents using CyberFT platform.

Over 200 more banks from the countries above as well as banks from Belorussia and Azerbaijan confirmed their intention to use CyberFT software and are currently working on organizational and contractual matters and test runs.

Cyberplatsoft has been licensed by FSB

Cyberplatsoft has been licensed for development, production and distribution of encryption (cryptographic) facilities, along with information and telecom systems protected by the encryption facilities mentioned above. This license covers work and services provided in the field of information encryption and maintenance of the systems that use cryptographic facilities. The license is provided by the FSB Center for Licensing, Certification and State Secret Protection with no expiration date.

CyberFT is listed in the Russian software register


CyberFT, a universal system for electronic protected interchange of financial and legally-valid documents, has been included in the Uniform Register of Russian Programs for Computers and Databases maintained by the Russian Ministry of Communications. The product developed by experts of the Russian company CyberPlat was categorized as “Server software and connectivity software. Systems for managing organizational processes. Information systems for solving industry-specific tasks.”

Terminal CyberFT 3.3.0 allows you to form a payment order by filling out just 4 fields


This year’s first released update Terminal CyberFT 3.3.0 is notable for a host of new features implemented in nearly every software module.

Cyberplat experts have brought out critical event notifications to the tray, and have also enabled users to simultaneously control several terminals from one interface. In payment documents CyberFT system participants can now track time of documents signature with private keys and upload documents PaymentRegister/PaymentOrder in the structured CyberXML format.

Terminal CyberFT 3.2.8 – maximum performance and handling flexibility


Cyberplat has released another version of the software Terminal CyberFT 3.2.8.

In the new version developers have substantially increased speed of the message exchange by cutting time required for delivery, deciphering and exchange in current document statuses. Along with that search of the document statuses in the logs has been sorted, Russian named files recognition issue has been fixed, and document dates when exported to 1C have been unified to a single format:

Terminal CyberFT 3.2.7 substantially builds on archive management functionality


Cyberplat experts have once again released a new version of the Terminal CyberFT software.

The new version 3.2.7 features substantially expanded software functionality associated with information archiving; it also features an option for archiving contents of transmitted files, as well as archiving of files to the terminal’s data warehouse.

In Terminal CyberFT 3.2.7 the developers have enabled administrators to lock/unlock certificates and have added a feature that notifies about the expiration of all downloaded certificates.

Terminal CyberFT 3.2.6 has become way more convenient for handling ISO documents


Cyberplat experts have presented Terminal CyberFT 3.2.6 that consolidates results of the global product refactoring, performed for optimizing document processing and signing procedures.

CyberFT network participants can now track status of ISO documents that were received from without, and save source name of the file when exporting ISO 20022 documents. Apart from that users can indicate in their ISO document log names of the attached files.

Terminal CyberFT 3.2.5 implements expanded verification of SwiftFIN documents


CyberFT system participants have gained access to the Terminal CyberFT version 3.2.5.

According to the experts among the most notable changes are verification of accounts, dates, amounts and currency of SwiftFIN documents.

Terminal CyberFT 3.2.5 has received finalized validation rules of MT-documents that are consistent with the rules of the Russian National SWIFT Association (SWIFT-RUR).

Developers have expanded the transport protocol and have added to the terminal support of ChkACK for transportation of e-documents between nodes.

CyberFT has obtained an FSB certificate attesting to the correct integration of cryptographic information protection facility


Cyberplat announces obtaining an FSB certificate attesting to the correct integration of CryptoPro CSP cryptographic information protection facility (CIPF) into CyberFT Platform. This means participants of the CyberFT network – both public authorities and businesses – can now interact with each other and with other counterparties.

            Obligation to obtain such a certificate when using software products for interacting with public authorities and agencies is dictated by the Russian legislation and by the regulatory framework of IT security.