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CyberFT in the Spotlight at the Banking Automation forum



CyberFT – universal system for exchange of legally valid electronic documents – piqued interest of participants and guests of the 2nd international forum Banking Automation 2015.

The event was organized by the Association of Russian Banks and iFin Media, with CyberPlat – developer of the CyberFT system – sponsoring the forum.

CyberFT to be presented at the ‘Banking automation’ forum


CyberPlat is going to present CyberFT, universal system for data exchange and electronic document flow, at the II International Forum ‘Banking Automation 2015’ held by the Association of Russian Banks (ARB) and iFin Media. It’s the second time that CyberPlat acts as a sponsor of a forum under the aegis of ARB.

CyberFT obtained a certificate from the banking software producer


CyberFT platform has been certificated for compatibility on the level message exchange of the generally accepted types of financial and commercial electronic document flow with the system Diasoft FA# (Diasoft Financial Architecture).

The certificate has been issued by Diasoft, the product developer.

CyberFT has proven integration flexibility of tech solutions


CyberFT platform received a certificate that validates its compatibility with the “21 VEK BANK” Centralized Automated Banking System (CABS) on the level of exchange of messages of generally accepted types of financial and commercial electronic document flow. The certificate was issued by Inversion, the developer of the product.

CyberFT system, developed by CyberPlat, can be integrated into any automated banking system, as well as accounting system on the end of the corporate clients, including 1C.

CyberFT piqued great interest of Ural businessmen


On the annual forum Finance 2.0 that took place in Ekaterinburg, CyberPlat has presented CyberFT - universal system for exchange of data and legally valid electronic documents.

Presentation of the innovative product touched upon key agendas of the event: management of financial projects, automation of managerial and financial accounting, introduction of the electronic document flow systems, as well as cloud services.

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